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Oasis Throws of Passion Squirting Blanket

A Blanket Solution for Sexy Squirters

You are an uninhibited, liberated lover who understands your body and the power of female ejaculation-good for you! And while you aren’t ashamed of your natural, um, abilities, you have thought about ways to protect your mattress (and your partner’s comfort!) from your abundant juices. 

If you are looking for a sexy solution for your erotic mess, look no further than the Throws of Passion Squirting Blanket from Oasis Aquashop.

What is squirting?

‘Squirting’ or the more formal term female ejaculation, occurs when fluid is expulsed from the women’s urethra during sexual arousal. Some women can squirt when their G-spot is stimulated via penetration from a penis, fingers, or with a sex toy. Other women can squirt simply by having their clitoris stimulated from oral sex or by using a vibrator.  

Some women can squirt easily, and others, not at all. Squirting is not always synonymous with having an orgasm, and in fact, some partners can make a woman squirt without her cumming at all.

Is squirting normal?

Yes! It is perfectly normal for women to squirt during sex, and it’s also normal for women not to squirt. Every woman’s body is unique and responds differently to pleasure. 

Squirting is not gross, and contrary to some thought, squirting is not pure urine, although it can sometimes be a mixture of urea, uric acid, and creatinine, which is released by the Skene’s gland, which sits near to the urethra.

Squirting can be sexy and fun, and many partners are turned on by a woman squirting. However, squirting can make a mess!

How can squirters protect their beds?

If you experience a serious spray when you play, you understand that a soaked mattress is part of the sexy afterglow. And while that may seem like a badge of honor for some, no one likes laying on ‘the wet spot.’ 

The Throws of Passion Squirting Blanket from Oasis Aquashop is an absorbent blanket that can be placed over the top of your mattress or chosen area to protect the surface from bodily fluids. All you need to do is spread it out on top of your bed and get down to business!

What is the Oasis Throws of Passion Squirting Blanket made of?

If you have never used a squirt blanket before, you may think it is similar to a towel-you may have even tried this as a mattress protector.  

However, unlike traditional terry cloth, the Oasis Aquashop Squirting Blanket is far more absorbent than a towel. The Stay-Dri Technology offers an inner layer of protection guaranteed to keep your surface and sheets dry.

What does the Oasis Throws of Passion Squirting Blanket feel like?

If you are using a squirt blanket underneath your naked body, you’ll want it to feel soft, right? Luckily, the Throws of Passion Squirting Blanket from Oasis Aquashop is made of Ultra-Soft-Cool-Touch Naked Fleece, a velvety-soft material that soaks in moisture. 

And since the materials are easy to clean, simply machine wash and tumble dry. There is no need for unique settings or dry cleaning. 

How big is the Oasis Throws of Passion Squirting Blanket?

Another advantage that the Throws of Passion Squirt Blanket has over a terry cloth towel is its size. At 60 inches x 80 inches, it is large enough to cover a king-size bed. If you enjoy multiple partners at once, this blanket can accommodate as many bodies as you can fit on your bed!

How can I order the Oasis Throws of Passion Squirting Blanket?

Oasis Aquashop makes it easy to purchase the Throws of Passion Squirting Blanket. Simply visit the site and choose the Accessories tab. Find the Oasis Throws of Passion Squirting Blanket and place your order online.  

Within a few weeks, you will have your very own fleecy squirt blanket. And if you experience any issues with your item-don’t worry! We offer a refund policy along with 24-hour customer support.

As they say, there are no May flowers without April showers, so go ahead, make a mess! Oasis Aquashop has you (and your bed!) covered for every season. 

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