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'Bathleisure' Is Still A Thing; Slip into an AquaShop Robe

As the warmer weather approaches, you probably think it's time to buy some new spring and summer clothes; shorts, tank tops, and even bathing suits. But what about spa robes? 

Despite being synonymous with cozy, winter wear, our Oasis Aquashop Microfleece robes can be worn all year round-especially as a fashionable nod to the 2018 trend 'bathleisure.'

If you enjoy the clothing-optional lifestyle but are at odds with the ridiculous societal constraint of having to wear garments in public, why not just slip on one of our white, micro-fleece spa robes over your nude body and call it a day? 

What is Bathleisure?

In November 2017, pop music icon Rihanna was featured on the cover of Vogue, wearing a terry cloth towel on her head. The issue gained the attention of fashionistas who dubbed the look' bathleisure' as a cute spin on athleisure wear.  

Soon, other celebrities followed RiRi's footsteps, such as Cardi B, who wore her robe out shopping, and Rita Orr, who sported her waffle wrap to the MTV Europe Music Awards. It wasn't long before Instagram was flooded with images of social media influencers wrapped in cozy robes as everyday apparel, and thus, the trend was born.

As a complete look, 'bathleisure' was usually paired with a full face of make-up and high-glam jewelry.  But in the wake of 2020, faced with the complete absence of social and festive occasions, 'bathleisure' took on a far more casual spin. Isolation became all about comfort, and our robes could finally stand alone as regular home and office wear, unfettered by the demands of high fashion. 

Why Choose A Microfleece Robe?

Microfleece is the lightweight cousin of fleece fabric. It's a popular material often used for robes because it is soft, breathable, and easy to clean. 

Microfleece is the perfect material to wear year-round because it provides luxurious versatility for every season. It's cozy enough to wear in the winter but light enough to stroll around during the summer.

Our Oasis Aquashop robes are made from 100% polyester microfleece because we understand that quality and satisfying textures are essential, especially when snuggled up against your bare skin. So, go ahead and wrap yourself in fabulous microfleece; it's like receiving a hug from a lover!

Where else can I wear my Oasis Aquashop Robe?

You don't need to be a pop star or a social media influencer to indulge in the glam of a cozy, microfleece robe! From the bathtub to the bedroom, your Oasis Aquashop microfleece robe is the perfect item to wear throughout every room in your home, no matter the occasion. 

Once Oasis Aqualounge can open safely, wear your coveted robe to our club and find yourself slipping it off to skinny dip in our heated, year-round outdoor heated pool. Or wrap your cozy, microfleece material around your body during the post-coitus afterglow of sex. 

How can I purchase my Oasis Aquashop Microfleece Robe?

We make purchasing items from our Oasis Aquashop line simple! Visit the White Micro-Fleece OasisRobe tab on our website and place your order. Within weeks, your robe will be shipped to your door. 

For further assistance, email directly for fast and friendly customer service.

 As the world presses pause on parties and social gatherings, you can still enjoy the 'bathleisure' trend on your own terms by slipping into your own Oasis Aquashop Microfleece robe. 


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