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You’re Hot; Wear Your Confidence with Pride

With summer fast approaching, many of us are excited to shed layers of clothing and embrace our pleasure-positive selves. But being cooped up inside for months under the duress of cold weather can take a toll on our body image and self-esteem.  

If you feel more somber than sexy, why not sport an inspiring message that encourages self-love and erotic exploration? Peel away oppressive thoughts and slip into a state of positive affirmation by telling yourself ‘I’m HOT!” 

Why Sexy Affirmations Work.

The way you speak to yourself will set the tone with how you feel about your physicality and, ultimately, your sexuality. Sexy affirmations allow for self-empowerment, where you control the narrative about how you look and feel.

By telling yourself, “I’m HOT,’ or ‘I deserve pleasure and sensuality in my life,’ you are speaking to a person who matters most! And when you own your beauty and sexuality, you are opening yourself to exciting experiences that you absolutely deserve. 

“Simply saying affirmations could change your stories about your body and your relationship to your own sexiness.” So, grab a mirror and bond with your reflection; celebrate your hotness without fear of vanity or judgment.

Confidence Is Magnetic.

A woman who exudes confidence will attract others to her vibrant energy, especially when it comes to sexual desire. When you know that you are hot as hell, others will notice your appeal. 

Natural poise and self-assurance come from within; it’s a force that you own that no one can take from you. It’s a vibe that burns bright, and its effervescence will draw in potential friends, lovers, or partners. 

Confidence is also contagious. When people notice your sensual aura, you become a catalyst for positive change in others; what can be more encouraging than that? 

Make this seasonal a ‘hot girl summer.’

While Oasis Aqualounge is a clothing-optional venue, our online store recognizes that, unfortunately, nudity is not appropriate in every situation. Oasis Aquashop puts the ‘clothing in clothing-optional for occasions where you want to embrace your sexy self but require outfits to do so.

Our “I’m Hot” tank tops are lightweight and loose-fitting, perfect for scorching days and sultry summer nights! The messaging supports body positivity and liberated sexuality in a playful and flirty way, inspiring freedom and pleasure. 

Support Local Businesses.

By purchasing from local businesses, you are helping to create sustainability while supporting your love of our sex-positive community. Become a brand ambassador of confidence by telling the world “I’m Hot” while spreading sexy affirmations that will benefit your self-worth and encourage self-love in others around you. 


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