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Wear Pleasure with Passion; Oasis Aquashop Unveils Its Pleasure-Positive Line

During the pandemic, the thought of physical pleasure may have felt like a far-away fantasy, as we struggled with lockdowns and isolation. But as businesses begin to open and the world starts to socialize again, Oasis Aquashop is giving you a reason to get all dressed up so that you can show off your pleasure-positive self! 


Pre-pandemic, the Oasis Aqualounge clothing line offered casual basics and swimwear that embraced our classic, palm-tree logo, an obvious indicator that a customer had visited our club. But during our in-club renovations, we also decided to expand our Oasis Aquashop line to include a more individual approach to personal style.


Who is a Pleasure-Positive Customer? 

 Pleasure-positive individuals are unapologetically lustful and loving, unafraid to explore their desires and fantasies. They are seekers of joy who embrace physical ecstasy and have fought past stifling beliefs to empower their sexual freedom. 


A pleasure-positive person may be exceptionally experienced or just curious to open their minds, hearts (and legs!) to the possibilities found inside our water-themed, clothing-optional environment. And even if they don’t share a particular sexual interest, they will never ‘yuck your yum’ or judge your preferences.


Passionate Designs for Your Pleasure!


The Pleasure-Positive logo is bold and seductive; choose from an array of sexy looks that will bring out the siren in you! From sexy swimwear-including one-piece suits, men’s trunks, and bikini bottoms to slinky dresses, pillows, and sweatshirts, you can show off your identity during any season.


To locate our Pleasure-Positive line, simply visit the Oasis Aquashop home page and choose the Collections tab to access the drop-down menu. Then scroll over your preferred item and click to purchase. 


Shed Your Inhibitions and Slip into Oasis Aquashop 


Celebrate your lifestyle with fashionable attire and express your love of pleasure with an item from Oasis Aquashop. No matter your style, we have got you covered for every reason and any season!

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